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My birthday went quite well! We had a small family dinner and invited Toui, Yuujirou, and Tooru. Fuyuki made dessert! She's getting very good at cooking, and I'm proud of her! I sometimes worry that she's a little too outspoken and it might get her into trouble, but she's a wonderful person, so I shouldn't worry so much!

We had a wonderful time together, all of us! I'm so happy that it seems my friends and family get along so well. I feel comfortable leaving them in a room together now. Life if wonderful, and I'm really enjoying classes and spending time with my friends and family!
Oh my
Well, I'm back at school again! Sunday was... interesting, to put it plainly. Toui and I just sort of wandered around the downtown area near the school and stopped for sodas now and then when we got thirsty. Even though we didn't do much, it was still a lot of fun. I really like spending time with me and I hope he feels the same.

We saw Tooru and Yuujirou there, and I wasn't really all that surprised. They had a soda with us sometime in the afternoon, and then they said they were going off to pick up girls, even though I have a feeling they're more interested in each other. Mikoto wasn't there, because he was on the phone with his girlfriend. He seems to talk to her a lot, and I think it's really sweet. 

I'm typing this in the library, since my class is in here working on our research papers and mine is finished. Sensei keeps giving me stern looks, so I suppose I should cut this short ^^

This morning Toui came to my door while we were having breakfast and asked if I wanted to spend the day together. It was nice, if not a little surprising. So now I'm typing this hurriedly while I'm trying to get ready to go. I left him downstairs with my family. I hope he doesn't find them to strange. I think my family is normal, but everyone seems to disagree for some odd reason. 

Tooru and Yuujirou are starting to get along a little better with Toui, which is definately a good thing. I want all of my friends to be able to be around each other without fighting, and if I'm lucky I hope they can all be friends. We'll probably see them while we're out, since everyone from Fujimori tends to go out on Sundays and there are only so many places near enough to the school. 

Well, I guess I'd better hurry up and finish getting ready. I don't want to leave him with my sisters for too long! Harumi shouldn't be much of a problem, but the girls like to interrogate my friends when I'm not there. 

I'll write about how it all went later.